Team Work

Our team is supportive of each other’s positive efforts, loyal to one another and bind together to achieve our company’s mission in the interest of all the stakeholders


We are passionate about our customers, our brand, our products and our people, thereby delivering superior value and excellent services at all times.

Positive Attitude

We maintain positive attitude towards our customers and their needs, products and services we offer, to our company and management, our subordinates and peers, spending the most quality time of our life at work with sense of satisfaction.


All customers and colleagues are treated with mutual respect and sensitivity, irrespective of his color, cast or creed, recognizing the importance of diversity.

Loyalty and Commitment

The Orient Exchange team is loyal and committed to all the stakeholders i.e. Customers, Business Partners, Employees, Management and Owners of Orient Exchange Co.(L.L.C.).

*Rates are indicative and subjective to change.
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